The value we see in things is usually not a simple reaction; it’s an accumulation of our personality, our family tree; the way we were nurtured and raised.

Progressive metal artist Bo Wills takes unique metal scraps and welds and forges artworks ranging from post consumer grunge humor to eloquent patterned repetition.  He has an affinity toward the materials he works with, a deep sense of emotion, feelings, and dreams for what the material was used for at one time and will become in his hand. These easily considered disposable materials direct him on his path.

Bo’s process emerges with one interesting metal find. He takes one treasured piece, adds to it, deletes from it. Deciding and creating in the moment, mirrored by the way he lives. With refocused material the sculptures are completely unique. He resists conformity and mass production; creations as unique as his spirit.Wills was born and raised within the Shenandoah Valley, and is the grandson of the historically known and still active heritage metal crafter John H. Foley Sr.  Branson has nested a matchless warm realm for himself, Willsville, outside of Bayse, VA. 

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